If you are in Sofia, Bulgaria, looking for a fun way to learn a bit about the  customs and traditions of the native this workshop is a must for you.The lesson is focusing on familiarizing travelers with the Bulgarian traditions, especially regarding their folklore, by means of introducing particular geographic regions in Bulgaria. The presentation consists of general information on the respective region, the customs of its population,  and of course concentrates on teaching an authentic dance (choro), relevant for the specific area.  Here is an example of how our lessons would go:

  1. We begin with a brief explanation on the customs and traditions of Shopluka (the relevant ethnographic region), the temper of the Shop, the typical authentic dresses and costumes (garbs) and needless to say the different types of dances characteristic for the area.
  2. Learning one of the most traditional dances
  3. Dressing up with traditional dresses and costumes (garbs) and performing the respective dance (choro)
  4. Competing in a dance battle type game with prices for the winners
  5. Tasting wine and a meal from the Shopluka region

Come and join us if you are interested in learning more about Bulgarian folklore and the customs and traditions of the population. You can join us every Friday and Saturday at 4 pm(16:00) for an hour long lesson at  ul. „George Washington“ 12, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria . For more information and  bookings please visit the following link : www.viator.com/tours/Sofia/Discover-Bulgaria-with-dance/d5630-188573P1

  You can also find as at facebook at : www.facebook.com/Balkanci.eu , feel free to ask any questions!